17 Apr 2019

Join Us in Kentucky This Summer

Join Us in Kentucky This Summer

Abraham Lincoln once said: "I think to lose Kentucky nearly the same as to lose the whole game."

This unique border state was torn between Union and Confederate sentiment from the onset of the war. In an effort to keep the conflict outside state lines, Gov. Beriah Magoffin and the Kentucky legislature officially declared neutrality on May 16, 1861, avoiding the use of the state as a battlefield.

However, with its split ideology and strategic location, it was difficult for the state to adhere to its policy.

After Confederates seized Columbus and the Union took control of Paducah, the state government broke their neutrality and joined the Union. This relationship was far from perfect, and a shadow government formed as fellow Kentuckians broke off to fight for the Confederacy. Eventually, despite Gov. Magoffin's wishes, the Bluegrass State became a battleground.

We invite you to explore the people, places and events that shaped the Bluegrass State during this storied time at our Annual Conference. From May 29-June 2, American Battlefield Trust members and staff — along with some of our nation's elite historians, preservationists and history enthusiasts — will descend upon Lexington for exclusive tours and in-depth military history talks.

This unforgettable event offers tours of historic sites including Munfordville, Perryville, Richmond, Tebb's Bend, Camp Wildcat and Camp Nelson. We'll also explore battlefields and sites associated with Revolutionary War military history and the adventures of Daniel Boone.

Our lineup of expert tour guides and speakers includes Garry Adelman, Kent Masterson Brown, Daniel Davis, A. Wilson Greene, Christopher Kolakowski, Richard McMurry, Lawrence Peterson, Stuart Sanders, Darryl Smith and Kristopher White.

There are still spots available for you to join us this summer. Space is limited, so register now to reserve your place and sign up for your tour preferences. You can learn more about the event here. See you in Kentucky!


American Battlefield Trust

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