18 Apr 2019

Join our Pickett’s Charge Generations Event at Gettysburg

Join our Pickett’s Charge Generations Event at Gettysburg

On the afternoon of the third day of the battle of Gettysburg, Confederate General Robert E. Lee ordered what became the most famous attack of the Civil War, known today as Pickett’s Charge.

And almost 156 years later, I hope you can join us as we explore this monumental event at our upcoming “Generations” event on April 27th at and in partnership with the Gettysburg National Military Park.

Share your passion for history with young people as we learn about what many call the High Water Mark of the Confederacy. We’ll learn how to march like soldiers of the past, stage a battle scenario, trace the footsteps of the men in Pickett’s Charge and discover the assault that ended General Lee’s great invasion of northern territory. Most kids will even get to don Civil War hats or coats!

This event is free and open to all who brings someone under 20 with them but is geared towards youth aged 6-16. We invite you to bring your kids, grand-kids, neighbors, and friends to join us. If you have never attended a Generations event before, you're in for an awesome experience.

The event begins at 9:45 am and registration is required. Read more details about the event and register here.

If you can't join our Pickett’s Charge Generations event on April 27th, watch our Gettysburg Animated Map or our War Department video that covers this landmark event.


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