6 Mar 2019

12mm M50 Ontos from Butlers Printed Models

One American M50 Ontos. Available in 6mm (1/285), 12mm (1/144), 15mm (1/100), 20mm (1/76) and 28mm (1/56).

Ontos, officially the Rifle, Multiple 106 mm, Self-propelled, M50, was a US light armoured tracked anti-tank vehicle developed in the 1950s.

It mounted six 106mm manually loaded M40 recoilless rifles as its main armament, which could be fired in rapid succession against single targets to guarantee a kill. Although the actual calibre of the main guns was 105mm it was designated 106 mm to prevent confusion with the ammunition for the 105mm M27 recoilless rifle, which the M40 replaced.

M50 Ontos

M50 Ontos picture 1

M50 Ontos picture 2

M50 Ontos picture 3

M50 Ontos picture 4

M50 Ontos picture 5

Pictures shown are for 15mm models

All models supplied unpainted, unbased and without crew (figures)

3D printed to order

Butlers Printed Models

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