31 Jan 2019

Save 94 Acres at Two Revolutionary War Battlefields in New York State

Save 94 Acres at Two Revolutionary War Battlefields in New York State

For the first time in the Trust's history, we have an opportunity to save hallowed ground at the site of the famous Battle of Saratoga, a major turning point in the Revolutionary War.

Along with 26 acres of land associated with this key moment in our country's history, we also have the chance to save 68 acres at Newtown, another important New York Revolutionary War battlefield. The purchase price for these 94 acres combined is $307,000, but thanks to a combination of state and local grants, we can save them for just $57,000 a tremendous $5.39-to-$1 match of your donation dollar!

If you are like most people, you know more about Saratoga than Newtown, but I can assure you that both were crucial events in the Revolutionary War. At Saratoga, in fall of 1777, American soldiers met, defeated and forced a major British army to surrender. Their crucial victory renewed patriots' flagging hopes for independence, secured vital foreign recognition and support and changed the course of the war. Two years later at the Battle of Newtown, American General John Sullivan deprived the British of an important ally when he used a scorched earth strategy to drive the Native American Iroquois nations from the area.

Saving this land will help history lovers and modern patriots to better understand the sacrifices that were made in the building of a great nation.

In addition, veterans from the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam some of whom are dealing with life-altering wounds as well as PTSD will perform vital research work on the Saratoga Battlefield through an innovative partnership between the Trust, the National Park Service and a nonprofit called American Veterans Archeology Recovery (AVAR). This opportunity helps these brave veterans transition from military back to civilian life while making a valuable contribution to our understanding of this crucial piece of history, and the Trust is excited to share their discoveries as they work to unveil the lost secrets of those who fought and fell at Saratoga.

In other words, your gift honors the sacrifices of the veterans who helped found our nation and supports the veterans who keep us safe today.

Please don't let this opportunity pass you by. Visit our website to learn more about the history of these two battlefields and make your most generous contribution to preserve them today.

Remember, we only need to raise $57,000 to save all 94 of these hallowed acres. Please take advantage of this wonderful $5.39-to-$1 matching opportunity and help preserve this crucial part of our history forever!


American Battlefield Trust

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