27 Jan 2019

Limited-Time Offer: 25% Off All Art in Our Online Store Through Valentine’s Day!

Limited-Time Offer: 25% Off All Art in Our Online Store Through Valentine’s Day!

There are many ways to honor history. Our organization's main emphasis is on preserving and visiting the very ground where our nation's defining conflicts were waged. But we also have a lot of love for visual art as a way of bringing the past into the present. That's why we highlight projects that use painting, illustrations and photography to better understand the wars that shaped our country and why we sell depictions of important moments in those conflicts through our online store.

Between now and Valentine's Day, any of the art in our store can be yours for 25% off. Since we launched last summer we've added several limited-edition works by renowned Civil War artist Mort Künstler to our offerings. So if you were looking for an excuse to bring some American history into your home or office in 2019, this is the moment you've been waiting for!

Our goal with the store is simple: to provide you with new and better ways to show your passion for battlefield preservation while supporting the cause with every purchase. And to recognize the amazing supporters who make our work possible, Trust members always get a 10% store discount.

I hope you'll take this opportunity to bring something you'll cherish into your daily life while showing some love for battlefield preservation and history education. Cupid would definitely approve.

Thanks for all you do to protect America's hallowed grounds,

Lawrence Swiader
Director of Digital Strategy

Thinking about taking your passion for preservation and education to the next level? Become a member of the Trust today with a contribution of $50 or more. Not only will you be able to start using your 10% store discount immediately, but we'll sweeten the deal even further by sending you four issues of our award-winning magazine plus a limited-edition Founding Member cap for free.


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