23 Dec 2018

Galactic Terrorists from Aotrs Shipyards

Aotrs Shipyards is a webstore on Shapeways.com, a 3D print house which had production and shipping facilities located in the USA and the Netherlands. Aotrs Shipyards also takes direct printing commissions.

This month's sci-fi release, just sneaking in before Christmas (also suitable for some ultra-moderns) are the next two vehicles for the Galactic Terrorists, the Scorpion Light Tank and the Sensor Van at 144th.

FV101AA Scorpion CVR (T)

FV101AA Scorpion CVR (T)

Aotrs Shipyards Price: £3.70

The GT’s Scorpion light tank is a modification of the export version of the modern version of the CVR (TT) hulls. As typical with the GT, the precise origins of the hulls remain a mystery, since no tracked purchases lead back to the GT. It is assumed that the hulls are predominantly from the Scorpion variants, though given the near-identical structure of the FV107Y Scimitar, it is possible some GT Scorpions may have come from Scimitars.

While the Scorpion Light Tank is capable of functioning in the CVR(T)’s original reconnaissance role due to it being one of the very few GT vehicles with sensors, it is more commonly used as a light combat vehicle.

The GT’s modifications included and upgraded power planet and additional ERA armour. While outdated, the ERA blocks provide a little extra to an otherwise lightly armoured vehicle.

The turret shows the most extensive modification, replacing the main armament with two 20mm Gatling cannons. This gives the Scorpion excellent range and anti-infantry capability, but makes it a poor choice to attack armour without a long-sustained burst – making it a poor choice for the massed-charge frontal assaults the GT are fond of. (If perhaps a better one than the unfortunates assigned to the ubiquitous Technicals.)

To compensate for this, the GT added four AT-3V Sagger missile racks. The AT-3V Sagger is somewhat outdated, having been, in service across the galaxy for half a century since the 2390s. However, the large and readily available black market surplus means it is an ideal choice for the GT to add some extra firepower. While an individual Sagger is only of a minor threat to a modern MBT from the front, a horde of Scorpions firing four simultaneously is a threat to almost any ground vehicle.

Like many of the GT vehicles, the Scorpion’s principal drawback is the excessive, volatile ammunition stored inside it – meaning that even with its additional armour, it is in many ways more vulnerable to a penetrating hit than the vehicles on which it is based.

GAZ-99371 Vodnik Sensor Van

GAZ-99371 Vodnik Sensor Van

Aotrs Shipyards Price: £4.10

The GT’s Sensor Van serves as their primary command vehicle. The Sensor Van is a GAZ-99371 Vodnik chassis, up-armoured by the addition of more armour plate. (This chassis is also used for the GT’s Battle Wagon, which serves as their primary APC.)

The Sensor Van’s rear module is specialised for command and control duties, fitted with all the latest GT CNC technology, including a table, a cupboard for the models and sometimes even a working datapad.

The Sensor Van’s turret consists of a sensor dish, behind which are mounted a pair of remote-controlled FIM-292 Stinger Multirole Missile Launchers. The launchers are reloaded by the advanced method of opening the two rear hatches and climbing out (usually the least senior of the command staff is assigned this job).

Despite its relative crudity, the Sensor Van is nevertheless adequate to the task of leading a GT raiding force – though usually this mostly consists of pointing the army in the general direction of the enemy and ordering a charge.

There will be more sci-fi releases for the GT over the next couple of months, likely followed by the new ground force for the Phystyulons.

See you all next year and have a good Christmas all!

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

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