28 Dec 2018

Double Your Impact: A Few Days Left to Make a Tax-Deductible Gift

Double Your Impact: A Few Days Left to Make a Tax-Deductible Gift

Gaines' Mill. Gettysburg. Cold Harbor. These three major battles punctuated three of the most volatile and harrowing years in our nation's history. They're also the battles that hallowed the 50 acres in Richmond and 18 at Seminary Ridge that we hope to preserve forever by year's end.

Between the Battle of Gaines' Mill in June of 1862 and the Battle of Cold Harbor in June of 1864, the Armies of Northern Virginia and the Potomac faced one another time and again across the Eastern Theater. Many of the same soldiers fought in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and what's now West Virginia over this two-year period. Here's a little of what we know about their experience.

They Marched. Over the course of the Civil War, soldiers traveled hundreds of miles on foot. In marches of urgency, they may have been instructed by their commanders to walk as many as 35 miles in a single day.

They Camped. Soldiers slept in tents, rustic cabins or under the stars, then rose at dawn for duty, drill and diversion. Camp activities included cooking, cleaning, manual labor, military training, playing cards, Bible study, reading and writing. Camps could be places of refuge and bonding. They could also be places of hunger, boredom and sickness.

They Fought. Many soldiers in the Armies of the Potomac and of Northern Virginia were seasoned veterans by the end of the war, fighting in battles across the Eastern Theater. Some who made it to the Battle of Cold Harbor had survived the bloodiest battle of the war at Gettysburg and the bloodiest single day of fighting at Antietam.

They Fell. The human cost of the Civil War was beyond anybody's expectations. While more than 100,000 soldiers were killed in the unprecedented violence of battles, twice as many succumbed to death from noncombatant foes. Poor shelter and food coupled with a lack of hygiene resulted in waves of sickness and disease. Roughly 2% of the population, an estimated 620,000 men, lost their lives in the line of duty.

In these final days of 2018, will you help honor these citizen soldiers by saving the land where they marched, camped, fought and fell? Time is running out to preserve 50 critical acres near Richmond, where the battles of Gaines's Mill and Cold Harbor were fought, and 18 acres at Seminary Ridge in Gettysburg.

Everything the Trust has achieved, we have achieved because of supporters like you, who choose to honor the legacy of American soldiers. From now until midnight on New Year's Eve, donations of any amount up to $100,000 will be matched, offering you the chance to double your impact. Please make your tax-deductible donation today to continue protecting America's history for future generations.

Already made an annual, tax-deductible contribution to Seminary Ridge or the 50 Richmond-area acres? Consider using one of our e-cards to give the gift of preservation to a history buff in your life.

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