29 Dec 2018

An Iconic Photo from Gettysburg and a Chance to Save that Iconic Place

An Iconic Photo from Gettysburg and a Chance to Save that Iconic Place

We don't know much about the three men in this photo. We know they were Confederate soldiers in Robert E. Lee's army and that they were taken prisoner at the Battle of Gettysburg. Yet, despite the best efforts of top historians, their identities remain a mystery to this day. That's how easily history can slip through our fingers.

We also know this photo was taken directly between parcels of land we are currently trying to save along what is now called Seminary Avenue. The wooden barricade stood along the western border of the largest parcel. That barricade was constructed by Confederate troops while they held a position on Seminary Ridge during those fateful days of battle in July 1863.

Over the years, you have helped to preserve more than 1,000 acres at Gettysburg the costliest battle ever fought on American soil. Today, we consider the 18 acres currently at stake on Seminary Ridge some of the most historically significant land from this battle that is still in private hands.

By now, you likely know that this campaign is a heavy lift to the tune of $3.5 million. We've made amazing progress so far thanks to generous supporters like you, but we need to cross the finish line by year's end. Fortunately, thanks to several long-time donors who've agreed to match contributions until the new year, every dollar you give now will have twice the impact! And don't forget, we're also featuring the names of each generous supporter who gives $100 or more on our Seminary Ridge Virtual Donor Wall.

My deepest thanks go to all who've already donated to this campaign. If you can take advantage of this important match with one more tax-deductible contribution, you will have my eternal gratitude.

I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating: without Seminary Ridge, you cannot tell the full story of Gettysburg, and without Gettysburg, you cannot tell the full story of the Civil War. Please make a gift today to ensure that story lives on for generations to come.

Wondering why saving these 18 acres at Seminary Ridge is so important? Our collection of quotes from historians sheds light on why this land is meaningful. Please make one final tax-deductible contribution before the end of the year and your gift will be matched!

American Battlefield Trust

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