11 Nov 2018

Saved! Three Tracts at Brandywine Battlefield

Saved! Three Tracts at Brandywine Battlefield

It gives me great pleasure to share an important victory with you: the American Battlefield Trust and its outstanding local partners have saved 105 acres at Brandywine Battlefield, the site of the largest land battle of the American Revolution.

These 105 acres have been preserved as the result of three separate fundraising efforts: 84 acres on Osborne Hill now under easement with Natural Lands, a 13-acre parcel in the battle’s epicenter acquired by the Brandywine Conservancy, and 7.5 acres acquired by East Bradford Township in the Strode's Mill Historic District.

On September 11, 1777, nearly 30,000 troops fought tooth and nail in the late-summer heat, in a battle that encompassed more than ten square miles. Though the Americans were outnumbered nearly 2-to-1 throughout the battle, they fought valiantly for 11 hours before retreating to fight another day.

Brandywine marked the first time the Marquis de Lafayette fought with Washington's army. Lafayette, an influential and idealistic French aristocrat, played an important role in lobbying King Louis XVI for financial and military support for the Patriot cause — I'm sure I don't have to tell you how critical French support was to the Revolution's success.

He also played an important part at Brandywine that day, directing Continental soldiers during a British attack and fighting until the end despite a painful wound in the calf. George Washington commended Lafayette's "bravery and military ardour," and recommended him to Congress for the command of a division. Lafayette would be fighting by Washington's side when American independence was effectively secured at Yorktown four years later.

Inscribed on the base of Lafayette Monument at Brandywine (near one of the tracts of land you helped save!), are the following words from Lafayette himself:

"The honor of having mingled my blood
with that of many other American
Soldiers, on the heights of the
Brandywine, has been to me a source
of pride and delight."

I hope you too will feel pride and delight knowing you've helped secure priceless acres of enormous significance. The Revolutionary War gave us the blueprint of our national identity, laying the groundwork for what America could become, and Brandywine was the place where America's citizen soldiers proved their mettle.

Visit our website to learn more about the 105 acres you helped preserve and the history that makes them so very precious. Thank you for everything you do to save the battlefields and stories of our nation's founding for future generations.

Need a refresher about where Brandywine fit into the full course of the American Revolution? Watch our Revolutionary War Animated Map to get the big

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