6 Sep 2018

Update: Victory at Two Tennessee Civil War Battlefields!

Update: Victory at Two Tennessee Civil War Battlefields!

One state. One year. Two battles. The American Battlefield Trust had the opportunity to save land at two of Tennessee’s most famous battlefields: Fort Donelson and Parker’s Cross Roads. Today, we can declare victory on these 63 acres, thanks to your support!

Fort Donelson was one of the first in a string of successes that earned General Ulysses S. Grant the moniker “Unconditional Surrender” Grant. His success there set the stage for the Union army’s march through Tennessee and provided the pretext for the Battle of Shiloh.

At Parker’s Cross Roads, Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest made his own demand for unconditional surrender, but his was not met. Instead, to Forrest’s “surprise and astonishment,” the rebel commander found his men outnumbered by enemy forces in his front and rear. In the battle’s pivotal moment, Forrest declared, “charge ’em both ways.” His troops repelled the Union advance and  lived to fight another day.

The events at Fort Donelson and Parker’s Cross Roads are crucial to a full understanding of the Civil War in the Western Theater. Indeed, these 63 acres are some of the most historically significant battlefield land left to be saved in Tennessee.

Thanks to your generous support, future generations will have the opportunity not only the learn these stories, but to experience these hallowed grounds firsthand.

Want to learn more about these two crucial battles? Read an article about Fort Donelson and an interview with Tennessee lawmaker (and battlefield preservationist) Steve McDaniel about Parker’s Cross Roads.

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