21 Sep 2018

Share Your Love of History with the Next Generation

Share Your Love of History with the Next Generation

Do you remember how you felt the first time you visited a battlefield? Did that hallowed ground speak to you, changing the way you thought about history? Did it even possibly change your life?

If so, you wouldn’t be alone. I’ve personally heard dozens of stories about how a trip to a battlefield changed a person’s life, especially if they were young when they first set foot on that hallowed ground.

We believe every student should have the chance to experience history this way. That’s why we created our Field Trip Fund to put students – especially those who might not otherwise have the chance to visit a battlefield – onto some of America’s most sacred ground. Just in the last school year, the Trust sent 9,395 students from 28 different states on 125 field trips to battlefields and related sites.

This was the most students we’ve ever been able to sponsor in one year but we still had to turn down applications for another 76 trips. Why? Quite simply, lack of funds. If we had the funding, we could have sent another 5,000 kids to a battlefield.

This is tragic, and we have to do better. That’s why we’re asking dedicated supporters like you to help get more people to the hallowed grounds you’ve helped save. As a field trip may be the only way some students ever get to experience a battlefield, I personally believe that the American Battlefield Trust’s Field Trip Fund is one of the most important  and cost-effective educational efforts you and I could undertake.

We appreciate any help you can offer to send students to America’s hallowed ground. And you may remember from my last email that the History Channel has promised to match all Field Trip Fund donations up to $25,000 so every dollar you give will be doubled!

Together, we can make it a little easier for teachers to get students out of the traditional classroom and engage with their history and heritage firsthand. Please take a moment to learn more and donate today.

We estimate that it costs just $9.30 to send one student on a battlefield field trip. That means for the price of lunch, you could give a young person an enduring encounter with history. For $186, you could send an entire class of 20 students to a battlefield. Imagine if one of those kids goes on to be as successful in life and as dedicated to historic preservation as you are. Isn’t this one of the best and most important investments in our future that you could make.

American Battlefield Trust

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