5 Sep 2018

Following Up: Will You Help Us Save 21 Acres at Brandywine?

Following Up: Will You Help Us Save 21 Acres at Brandywine?

I recently wrote to you about the 241st anniversary of the Revolutionary War's Battle of Brandywine, which is coming up on September 11th. By that time, we hope to have raised the $95,000 we need to save 21 critical acres of land in two separate preservation projects at the Brandywine Battlefield, located outside Philadelphia. In the words of historian Bruce Mowday, "The most important reason the Battle of Brandywine was crucial to the American cause for freedom was the confidence the American army received from standing up to the British army, one of the most professional in the world."

At stake with this land are the stories not only of great leaders like George Washington, but also of American citizen-soldiers. They answered their country's call, picked up their muskets, fought and won our freedom, then peacefully went back to their farms, their shops and their fields. They created the first government in the history of the world dedicated to the rights and freedom of ordinary people.

The total cost of the land at stake is $1,565,940, but thanks to grants and funds from our local partners, 93.9 percent of the total needed to purchase the property is already on the table. To raise the final $95,000, I’m asking 1,000 patriots to answer my call to arms today with a gift of $95 or more. Will you consider being one of those patriots?

I am pleased to have a special gift to offer as a token of our appreciation. Thanks to the generosity of our friends at the American Revolution Institute of the Society of the Cincinnati, we have 1,000 full-sized reproductions of a rare map of the Brandywine Battlefield. One of them will be yours if you are among the first 1,000 supporters to contribute $95 or more to this important cause.

For those of us who care deeply about this country and its exceptional history, this is some of the most important work we will ever do in our lives. Please visit our website to learn more and join the fight today.

Remember, for this campaign, every $1.00 of your support will be multiplied to $16.48 thanks to generous funding from our local partners. Please help us make the most of this wonderful opportunity to save crucial American history!


American Battlefield Trust

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