29 Aug 2018

Marek Rurarz, Sculptor


A few years ago, our sculptor Marek Rurarz announced that he wanted to try to sculpt a 10mm scale miniature. He liked miniatures for Warmaster very much and after several sculpting attempts he decided that he really enjoys making models in this scale. He was always a fan of the Barbarians, so they were the first he started sculpting. Every Barbarian also needs a woman, so shortly he began to create Amazons. We had no idea whether it would be a game or just a series of 10mm models. Where did the idea come from that the Barbarian opponents were Reptilians? We don't remember that. Probably Marek thought that he had never sculpted any Reptilian so he would do the first one in a 10 mm scale. Later, when we looked at these miniatures, we began to realise that we would probably want to make a game someday. We slowly create the rules and if you know Polish, you can download the first PDF. If you don't know Polish, you have to wait for a while. In the picture you can see Andrew, who is testing the rules playing the Dirandis army.

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