7 Aug 2018

Jackson Is With You!

Jackson Is With You!

Aug. 9th, 1862. Union Gen. Nathaniel Banks halts and positions his corps along a ridge near the foot of Cedar Mountain (also known as Slaughter’s Mountain). He deploys his cavalry under the command of French adventurer Alfred Duffie  whose troopers watch keenly in the sweltering heat as clouds of dust begin to rise from down the Culpeper Road. "Stonewall" Jackson's wing of the Confederate Army is approaching.

With a surprise attack by Confederate Gen. Jubal Early’s brigade on the left flank of Duffie’s cavalry, the Battle of Cedar Mountain begins. For hours, men fall on both sides from heat stroke, minie balls, and artillery fire. The Union counterattacks with muskets and bayonet charges but makes little headway. An attack on the Confederate left by Union Gen. Samuel W. Crawford sees more success  until Gen. Thomas J. Jackson himself rides onto the battlefield.

With bullets whizzing all around and men fighting hand-to-hand to the death, Jackson skids to a halt, grabs a battle flag from one of his soldiers and lifts it above his head. When he tries to draw his sword, he finds it rusted into its scabbard. Unperturbed, he raises the blade, scabbard and all, and shouts, “Jackson is with you!” Jackson’s awe-inspiring stand buys valuable minutes while A.P. Hill’s division arrives on the scene and joins the fight, pushing the Union into retreat.

The close-run Confederate victory at Cedar Mountain robbed the Union army of momentum and left it drifting in hostile country. Later that August, Gen. Robert E. Lee seized the initiative and defeated the Union Army of Virginia, and elements of the Army of the Potomac, commanded by Gen. John Pope, at the Battle of Second Manassas. Cedar Mountain is considered to be one of the greatest of "Stonewall" Jackson's martial exploits.

A New State Park in Culpeper, Virginia

Cedar Mountain and Brandy Station battlefields in Culpeper County are among the most significant sites of the American Civil War. Now, an effort is underway to transform this pair of historic battlefields into Virginia’s next state park.

10 Facts: Cedar Mountain

Who had superior numbers? Which general was killed by an errant shell during the battle? Test your knowledge of the Battle of Cedar Mountain with our list of 10 facts.

August 2018 in Culpeper, Virginia

A free, family-friendly living-history event will be held on Aug. 11th and 12th to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Mountain. Demonstrations are planned each day on how the soldiers dressed, drilled and camped, as well as cavalry and artillery drills.

10 Facts: Clara Barton

The Battle of Cedar Mountain saw Clara Barton’s first official field duty with the Union army. She arrived on Aug. 13 and spent two days and nights on the battlefield tending to the wounded, including Confederate prisoners. Get to know the “Angel of the Battlefield” with these 10 facts.

New Insights into Cedar Mountain Photography

In August 1862, Timothy O'Sullivan traveled to Northern Virginia to capture photographs in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Cedar Mountain. Learn more about the battle and new discoveries about these battlefield photographs.

Victory at Cedar Mountain: 2017 Edition
We recently called on our membership to help preserve 391 acres at three of Virginia’s most famous battlefields: Gaines’ Mill, Cedar Mountain, and Cold Harbor. Thanks to the generosity of preservationists like you, we can now celebrate victory about this significant land!

American Battlefield Trust

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