29 Aug 2018

Anglo Dutch Naval Wars from Spithead Miniatures

Anglo Dutch Naval Wars from Spithead Miniatures
Dutch Attack on the Medway, June 1667 by Pieter Cornelisz van Soest, painted c. 1667. The captured ship Royal Charles is right of center.

Spithead miniatures  known for their 1/1200 scale ships  have ventured into  the smaller 1/2400 scale for these 17th century Anglo Dutch warships. There are 6 rates of models available per side and they have been designed to suite Generals at Sea rules .

Using Generals at Sea rules, it would be possible to fight large battles like the 4 Days battle of  1666, the largest naval engagement of all time and this scale means that this size of battle would not be prohibitively expensive either.

I am known more for my sculpting skills  rather than my painting  but I have had a go and managed to paint  these models up pretty quickly and even reproduced the Dutch stern art with a little research and the help of a very small paint brush.  This set of Dutch warships comes from the  Dutch rear division in the 4 Days Battle and shows 5 of the six Dutch types available in this range. The differences in Dutch and English hull forms has been reproduced for authenticity  and the models are set off nicely  with ratline material that is supplied.

I am pretty pleased how these have come out, while they are not as detailed as Langtons superb 1/1200 scale models,  they are half the size,  which makes them better suited for wargaming larger battles.

If you are interested in these models then contact me at  vanilla55@sky.com  and ask for more details.

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