11 Aug 2018

241 Years and 21 Acres: A New Opportunity at Brandywine

241 Years and 21 Acres: A New Opportunity at Brandywine

As we approach the 241st anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine, I could not wait another moment to tell you about a historic opportunity to save 21 crucial acres of one of the most important Revolutionary War battlefields in the country! Because right now, I can turn every $1.00 of your support into $16.48.

The Battle of Brandywine, fought on September 11, 1777, saw several of the Revolution’s key participants on the field. On the British side, Gen. Sir William Howe and his subordinates Lord Charles Cornwallis, and Capt. Patrick Ferguson squared off against Gen. George Washington, Nathanael Greene, and the Marquis de Lafayette on the American side.

Historian Michael Harris writes in his book Brandywine: A Military History of the Battle that Lost Philadelphia but Saved America, “more troops fought along the Brandywine (nearly 30,000) than during any other battle of the entire American Revolution. [I]ts 11 hours of fighting make it the longest single-day battle of the war, and it covered more square miles (10) than any other engagement.”

And historian John Reed observes, “Though Brandywine was militarily an American defeat, it had stunned Howe by its fierceness and gave the Americans spirit . . . American troops had proved that they could stand against British regulars in open fight.”

The 21 acres at stake are in what’s now a high-priced suburb of Philadelphia has a total purchase price of over $1.5 million. Our partners, the Brandywine Conservancy and East Bradford Township, are buying the properties with funding from federal and local grants and other institutions. Fortunately, we just need to raise $95,000 to assist in the acquisition of these critically important tracts.

Before Sept. 11, the 241st anniversary of this historic battle, will you help save these 21 acres of hallowed ground at Brandywine? If just 1,000 patriots answer my call to arms today with a gift of $95, we will be able to declare this land saved forever.

And if you’re among those 1,000 patriots, we will send you a full-sized reproduction of a rare map of the Brandywine Battlefield as a token of our appreciation. Please visit our website today to learn more about the Battle of Brandywine  and get involved in saving this precious and irreplaceable history.

Again, with 93.9 percent of the total needed to purchase the property already on the table, we have the chance to save this land for just $95,000. That’s some serious leverage, in my book. I hope you’ll take advantage of this amazing opportunity.


American Battlefield Trust

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