17 Jul 2018

One Year, Three Battlefields, One Unique Opportunity to Save Civil War History

One Year, Three Battlefields, One Unique Opportunity to Save Civil War History
Do you know what Hickenlooper’s Battery, Randol’s Battery, and Latimer’s Battery all have in common?

Yes, of course, they are all Civil War artillery units. But today, they are uniquely connected because each battery was part of key battle action near three important properties on three battlefields that witnessed fierce fighting in 1862 – Captain Andrew Hickenlooper’s Battery at Shiloh, Lieutenant Alanson M. Randol’s Battery at Glendale and Lieutenant Alanson M. Latimer’s Battery at Fredericksburg.

Today, through a combination of grants, support from generous donors like you, and a tremendous landowner donation,  you can save these 28 acres – which have a combined transaction value of $1,178,000 – for $243,000, a $4.85-to-$1 match of your generosity.

The Shiloh and Glendale battlefields are nearly preserved thanks to your efforts, and saving these 8 acres at Shiloh and 9 acres at Glendale will get us even closer to completing the protection of these famous battlegrounds. At Fredericksburg, too, we’ve made much progress, but the battle isn’t won yet. Saving these 11 acres adjacent to “Latimer’s Knoll” is an important step in preserving the full historical meaning of this sacred place.

So please, although you have already done so much to help save hallowed ground this year, will you help once again with your generous gift to make sure we can raise the $243,000 we need to preserve these three parcels of Civil War battlefield land valued at $1,178,000?

You can learn more about the unique history of the three artillery batteries on the parcels we’re trying to save on our website. And please know that you have my deepest thanks for all you are doing to save our nation’s history.  You are a hero in my book!

All the eyewitness accounts tell of desperate, brutal, savage combat on and around these parcels of land we are trying to save today. Help save 28 acres from three 1862 battlefields today.

American Battlefield Trust

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