30 Jun 2018

Independence Day Match: Become a Member for $17.76

Independence Day Match: Become a Member for $17.76

July 4, 1776. The day that America's 13 original colonies claimed their independence from Great Britain and redefined a revolution that would change the course of history. For eight long years, the struggle for sovereignty consumed the young nation, from the craggy mountains of New England to the backwoods of South Carolina and Georgia. When the fighting was done, a new country had been born. Two decades later, Americans would have to fight for their independence once again during the War of 1812. Then, just 85 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War would pit brother against brother and ultimately redefine the meaning of freedom in the United States.

During the week of July 4th, we are honoring the citizen soldiers who fought in these defining struggles by inviting you to become a member for just $17.76. When you join, a generous donor will match your gift, dollar-for-dollar. Together, we can save the battlefields where American freedom was secured.

With your membership, you'll also receive a subscription to our award-winning magazine, Hallowed Ground considered one of the best history publications available today.  Donate $50 or more and we'll also send you a limited-edition American Battlefield Trust Founding Member hat. Best of all, if you act now, a longtime supporter of the Trust will match your contribution, making your $17.76 donation a $35.52 gift to the nation!

Already a member? Pass on this offer to a fellow patriot or history lover in your life. For as little as $17.76, they can double their impact and honor the legacy of those brave Americans who fought for our independence by protecting the places where our freedoms were secured.

Independence Day is coming up soon. Make sure to take advantage of this special $17.76 membership opportunity while it lasts. Join the American Battlefield Trust and your membership gift will be matched through July 9th!

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