1 Jun 2018

50,000 Acres Saved

50,000 Acres Saved

I am deeply honored to share that, thanks to you, we have reached an important milestone in the history of the battlefield preservation movement. Together, we have preserved 50,000 acres of hallowed ground across the United States.

This land is part of more than 130 battlefields and associated sites spread across 24 states, from Glorieta Pass in New Mexico to Lexington in Massachusetts. The list includes some of the most famous battlegrounds from the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War the three defining conflicts of America's turbulent first century.

I owe my deepest gratitude to you  our members, partners, and supporters who have led the charge for the past 30 years. You have helped to create the most effective battlefield preservation organization in the United States, and perhaps even the world. This milestone is a tremendous accomplishment, and it is entirely due to you.

Every single acre you have saved represents a significant victory in our ongoing race against time and development pressures. These 50,000 acres are replete with vivid stories of sacrifice and valor, victory and anguish. Thanks to you, present and future generations will be able to experience genuine history in the places where our nation was forged.

Thank you for believing in the cause and passing on this preservation legacy as a gift to the nation.

To put this into perspective, 50,000 acres saved is more than 78 square miles, roughly equivalent to 3.5 Manhattans, or 342 Washington, D.C., National Malls! This is an enormous accomplishment, and I cannot thank you enough.

American Battlefield Trust

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