13 Jun 2018

1/1200 Naval Range For The Battle of Lissa (1866)

The Battle of Lissa took place on 20 July 1866 in the Adriatic Sea near the Dalmatian island of Lissa and was a decisive victory for an outnumbered Austrian Empire force over a numerically superior Italian force. It was the first major sea battle between ironclads and one of the last to involve deliberate ramming.

A very good friend of mine (Phil from Pithead Miniatures) is looking for some support with his new 1/1200 ironclad range

I would like to make models all the ships present in the battle but need to drum up some more support so a bit of publicity might help.

So far I have made three sets of models,

Austrian Ironclads  seven ships £36

Austrian Ironclads

Italian Ironclads  set  1),  six ships  £32

Italian Ironclads  set  1),  six ships  £32

Italian Ironclads (set 2), six ships £32

I will also be making the Austrian wooden ships of the second division  but after that it all depends on how much support I can get for the remaining vessels before committing to making  more. People can make enquiries by contacting me at vanilla55@sky.com

Pithead Miniatures

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