28 May 2018

Memorial Day

https://www.battlefields.org/On this day, we take time to remember the men and women whose willingness to lay down their lives for our nation has not only shaped our history, but helped define who we are as Americans.

As you may know, Memorial Day traces its origins to the Civil War. After the war ended, Americans from both North and South began to commemorate the more than 650,000 fallen soldiers in communities around the country. First called “Decoration Days,” these commemorative events involved placing flowers on the graves of Civil War dead, usually in the spring months of April or May. Though communities practiced their own unique forms of the holiday, and many towns claim to have held the first Decoration Day celebrations, we can be certain that the early efforts by common citizens to honor their gallant dead after the Civil War laid the foundation for one of America’s most sacred memorial traditions.

You, friend, already honor the spirit of this special holiday each and every day by supporting battlefield preservation and education. One of the best ways to remember the fallen is to ensure that future generations can visit the hallowed ground where young soldiers fought and died to secure the freedoms we enjoy today.

This Memorial Day, we ask you to take a moment to reflect with humility on the sacrifices that Americans have made throughout our history. If you decide to honor our nation’s heroes by visiting a battlefield, cemetery, or other historic site, we encourage you to do so. By preserving the sacred places where America’s first citizens soldiers gave the last full measure of devotion, we offer our gratitude while ensuring that their sacrifices and legacies are never forgotten.

American Battlefield Trust

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