4 May 2018

Defend Hallowed Land at Cold Harbor

Defend Hallowed Land at Cold Harbor

In December, many of our supporters stepped up to the plate and saved two vital tracts, forever! Since then, we’ve secured an additional 28-acre property that saw some of the heaviest bloodletting during the tragic 1864 battle. And I’m asking for your help to keep the momentum going to protect this battlefield.

I don’t know about you, but for me, Cold Harbor stands out as one of the most dire episodes of the entire Civil War.

When you read the accounts written by the soldiers who survived this horrific battle, many on the very ground we are saving, over and over they recalled things such as, “Men could not live in the fire poured on them from front and flanks,” and “a storm of bullets, shot, and shell that no human power could withstand,” and “it was deadly and bloody work” with men “simply melting away under the fury of our fire.”

And despite that staggering carnage, these men went forward with every ounce they had, many with the odds stacked against them, in the nightmarish fighting.

Today, I’m asking for your help to protect the land that saw witness to this battle, and to preserve the memory of thousands who made the ultimate sacrifice.

This land held some of the heaviest days of fighting, with the primary line of Confederate defenses running right through this tract. It was here, on June 3, 1864, that Gen. Robert Tyler’s New York brigade attacked the Confederate line. The 8th New York Heavy Artillery famously led the effort and was employed on the morning of June 3, 1864, as infantry. They suffered incredible losses, with 475 men killed or wounded.

Remarkably, this very land was also significant to the Battle of Gaines’ Mill, which took place in the same month, two years prior. This is hallowed ground, indeed. And with your help, we can connect the two battles and ensure that this land will forever remain out of the hands of developers.

The price tag is steep, but with matching gifts from other generous donors, and your support, I am hopeful we can achieve a preservation victory here as well. If we are not successful, the land will likely be lost to a housing subdivision.

Please stand up and defend this hallowed land at Cold Harbor once again, not only for yourself, but also so future generations can visit this place and remember the brave Americans who fought there.

I sincerely thank you for your commitment to the cause.


American Battlefield Trust

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