3 Apr 2018

New 28-Acre Target Property at Cold Harbor

News of the Civil War Trust’s successful preservation of two out of five key tracts of sacred battlefield at Cold Harbor, and to ask for your help in saving an additional piece of hallowed ground where men fought one of the Civil War’s most momentous battles.

As successful Civil War generals well understood, nothing can be gained by resting on our laurels. We have momentum, and we need to keep it going.

Our new 28-acre target property represents one of the locations that saw some of the heaviest bloodletting during the tragic Battle of Cold Harbor.

It was here, on June 3, 1864, that General Robert Tyler’s New York brigade attacked the Confederate line. The men of the Empire State suffered staggering losses. One later remarked, “We felt it was murder, not war, or at best a very serious mistake had been made.”

This same property also includes land over which Confederate forces passed while attacking the Army of the Potomac at the Battle of Gaines’ Mill in 1862. By saving this land, we can help connect the Gaines’ Mill Battlefield with that of Cold Harbor, getting us one step closer to preserving both supremely hallowed grounds.

This precious land played key roles in two different Civil War battles. If we want to keep this hallowed ground out of the hands of developers, we need your help.

The combined cost of our current target properties at Cold Harbor is now $2,722,000 for 81 acres. This is valuable real estate, and it is not just historic preservationists who would like to acquire it. Thankfully, an extremely generous donor has pledged $1,200,000 to the cause! That leaves us with a current fundraising goal of $1,522,000.

I know that is a daunting number, and the task before us will not be easy. But if you'll stay by my side, I know we can succeed. Please join me in this momentous opportunity and help save Cold Harbor today.


American Battlefield Trust

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