26 Apr 2018

History Teachers Need Your Help

History Teachers Need Your Help

For many students, their first introduction to American history happens in a classroom. The gatekeepers to our past are educators dedicated men and women who work tirelessly helping to cultivate the historians and citizens of tomorrow.

This is why we seek to provide top-notch history materials and resources for educators to use in their classrooms. Today, you can help our effort and sponsor a deserving teacher by supporting their continuing education at our annual National Teacher Institute, to be held this summer in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

The National Teacher Institute is a rare and invaluable experience for those who teach American history. Every year, they are faced with tighter budgets and increasingly strict educational standards. This professional-development event helps alleviate that strain for K-12 educators around the country.

Every year, we strive to provide this institute to teachers for free, but we can’t do it alone. Many generous donors and sponsors have stepped forward to fund the majority of the costs. I am asking your help to cover the remainder.

This is our opportunity to help those who help our children every day by providing them with the tools to be better educators.

Through the Teacher Institute, educators can engage with like-minded professionals, learn some of the latest teaching techniques, and acquire continuing-education credits, which are required by most states. Every year, we receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from teachers who feel refreshed and prepared for the upcoming school year.

So, I am asking you to help provide this incredible experience for our educators. Will you help sponsor a teacher and, in turn, inspire and excite the next generation of Americans about their history?

Please help sponsor a teacher at our National Teacher Institute so educators across the country can inspire the next generation and instill a passion for history


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