1 Mar 2018

Restore Battlefields to Wartime Appearances

Restore Battlefields to Wartime Appearances

At the Civil War Trust, we don’t just acquire historic land. It is our desire to restore that land as best we can to its wartime appearance.

Not everyone values history as much as we do, and sometimes the land we acquire is in rough shape. Over the years, we’ve had to grapple with swimming pools, motels, restaurants, battlefield dumps, and even extensive hog pens.

Transforming land at sacred places such as Gettysburg, Brandy Station, and Princeton requires us to repair historic structures, tear down non-historic ones, and perform painstaking research to determine the appearance of these hallowed landscapes when soldiers struggled there. Doing all of this properly requires time, hard work, and money.

Those who have visited the sites we have restored such as the Breakthrough at Petersburg, where we timbered 160 acres and replanted native grasses, or Lee’s Headquarters at Gettysburg, where we removed two commercial structures, restored a historic building and replanted an orchard – see that the work is well worth the effort. We all are struck with how the view “changes everything!”

Attached to this message, you will find a list of our open battlefield-restoration projects, all on land that you have already helped us preserve. Two generous, fellow donors have already agreed to fund the costs a large portion of the costs, leaving us with $118,000 to raise.

By contributing to our restoration projects, you are helping to build outdoor classrooms that will spark fascination and delight in future generation, ensuring that our passion for history is carried on long after we are gone.


American Battlefield Trust

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