8 Jan 2018

Join the Final Charge to Save Princeton

Join the Final Charge to Save Princeton

Last year, you and I embarked on an ambitious effort to save some of the most historically significant land we have ever tried to save 15 acres at Princeton. There, you may recall, George Washington rallied his troops and led them in a counterattack that broke the British line and breathed new life into the American Revolution. This is truly some of the most important ground in America and until we got involved it was in great danger of being lost forever.

These 15 acres were valued at $4.1 million, a steep cost to be sure. But this land needed to be protected. Future generations of Americans need to be able to walk this ground and see where Washington turned a potential disaster into a stunning victory, to walk in the footsteps of those first American citizen soldiers who fought and died to create the country in which we now live. Thankfully, you and many other supporters of the Civil War Trust agreed with us. Through a combination of grants and private donations from folks like you, we are nearing our goal of saving this critical part of the Princeton battlefield. For that, you have my thanks.

What we have already done is a tremendous accomplishment. But, just like those patriots who fought at Princeton in 1777, we have to make one more push to win the day, to seize the ground, and to call this land preserved once and for all. Will you help us raise the remaining $400,000 needed to save Princeton?

We are $400,000 away from our ambitious goal to save Washington’s Charge at Princeton. Will you help us cross the finish line?

American Battlefield Trust

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