23 Dec 2017

Pivotal Moments in the Month of December

Pivotal Moments in the Month of December

For those of who remain fascinated by the Civil War, it can be staggering to contemplate the sheer density of important events that transpired between 1861 and 1865. The onset of cold weather did little to slacken the pace of events. Indeed, many of the war’s most pivotal moments occurred in the month of December.

At Fredericksburg, Union soldiers hurled themselves at Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia in a series of futile and bloody assaults from December 11 to December 15, 1862. Two years later at Nashville, on December 15 and 16, 1864, Union forces again launched a mid-December offensive, this time with vastly different results. A week later, General Sherman famously declared in a telegraph to President Lincoln, “I beg to present you, as a Christmas gift, the city of Savannah.”

All of these events involved courageous sacrifices by soldiers from both North and South. In preserving our nation’s sacred battlefield lands, we honor the heroism of these courageous soldiers.

As the year comes to a close, you have a special opportunity to honor the heroism of these brave Americans by preserving our nation’s sacred battlefield lands. Thanks to an extremely generous match made available by our donors, any gift made between now and the end of the year will have three times the impact, up to $125,000!

Your gift will not only go toward saving some of the most important sites in American history places such as Appomattox Court House, Champion Hill, and Second Manassas but also help millions of American children learn the amazing story of our nation’s history.


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