8 Dec 2017

Aotrs Shipyards Dec 2017 Release: M114

Aotrs Shipyards is a webstore on Shapeways.com, a 3D print house which had production and shipping facilities located in the USA and the Netherlands.

Okay, for December we have the M114A2 (aka M114A1E1) in 144th.

Special thanks to nikolas93ts, who provided a top-down technical drawing of it in June, and between that and scanning the line side-on view from my mate's old Jane's guide, I was able to cobble together enough to make a spirited attempt!




Photo of Rep 2 prototype and normal.

As a bonus – and the reason I delayed the early release until today – my Shapeways order arrived, so here is last month's BDRM-2 (Spandrel/Konkurs) in WDF.

BDRM-2 (Spandrel/Konkurs) in WDF

And a sneak peek at the BDRM-2 Gaskin (Strela), for release in due course.

BDRM-2 Gaskin (Strela)

The Strela is going in the backlog[1] (as that's a bit thin at the moment) for the immediate future. January will see the release of the BTR-70 (and the amphibious version). The BTR-80 is in the pipeline; the FV432 is planned (provided I can find suitable sources). However, one of the next models up will be the unusual choice of the Chinese Type 63/YW531. (Something I'd not even heard of myself until the other day!)

Primarily this is because it is a) relatively easy and b) I want to put something new on my scifi table for Hammerhead in February, where I will be using my ESU ground forces (i.e. the somewhat thinly veiled sci-soviets!) and a version of that will make a slightly smaller scout vehicle than the BRDM-22 Marzannas. (As apparently, the Russians don't really DO small scout vehicles; save maybe the BDRM-1!)

UshCha is also wanting a commission after Christmas for a jeep, so will also likely be something I'll address in the near future!

There is some less than good news, however. As always, I try to be up-front about everything. Our friends at HMRC have decided that I am apparently not making enough money (funny how after three years, that comes after a budget, innit?) and have cancelled my working tax credit (which was essentially keeping me afloat in these early years). I'm contesting it (I was rather concerned when I asked them what constituted "enough" and they told me they don't actually *have* any guidelines, meaning anyone on it is essentially at the whims of a random civil servant), and I'm not immediately in danger; but it might mean that next year, for some periods of time, I might have to sign back on the dole for periods if money gets tight. I am most certainly not giving the Shipyards up, but I am forewarning you that if I'm having to faff about with that stuff, I'm obviously not going to be able to work on the CAD stuff as much.

(If ever I felt a kinship to the ladies and gentleman who make their livings on YouTube that have all the hassle, it is never as strongly as now…!)

[1]i.e. the buffer of models I try to hold to ensure there's releases on months where I have commissions or Something Goes Horribly Wrong.

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

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