15 Nov 2017

The British In Africa: Maps Collection

The British In Africa: Maps Collection

A Matomaton military maps, charts and images collection for wargamers.

The British In Africa: Maps Collection, Twenty-two maps illustrating the campaigns in Africa though the late 1800s.

These are scans of contemporary (or near-contemporary) maps and charts representing the locations, plans and outcome of key battles, campaigns and wars in the stated area.


This collection is provided in one A3 (landscape) PDFs but can be printed to smaller scales of the required standard (many of the maps could be enlarged to A2 or equivalent).

Each PDF contains the following pages:

-- One page for the cover and legalese.

-- One map or plan per page.   Each has been scanned to a high resolution.

PDF includes:

-- One map of Africa.

-- Three maps of Abyssinia.

-- Two maps of Debra Tabor.

-- Three maps of West Africa and Ashanti.

-- Four maps of South and South-Eastern Africa.

-- Two sketches of the seige of Ladysmith.

-- Three maps of the areas around Ladysmith and Colenso

-- One map of the Transvaal gold fields.

-- Two street plans of Pietermarizburg and Durban.

Available Now or Coming Soon

This is one of a number of collections containing maps, charts and images of battles, campaigns and wars, initially involving the British during the reign of Queen Victoria.   There is also an accompanying series of books detailing the military exploits of the British Army and Navy during the same period. Included in both will be the Crimea, India, Egypt, China, Africa and Afghanistan.

Later collections in this ongoing series will cover the two world wars amongst other conflicts as well as histories of the British Army and Navy.

About These Maps

These maps and plans have been sourced from late-C19th and early-C20th texts about the specific battle, campaign or war or about the area, era or nation(s) involved.

About Matomaton

I've long been fascinated by military history and have gathered together a significant collection of military maps and naval charts that I hope will be of use to other wargamers.

If there's a particular period, war or nation that you would like me to cover in a future collection, please let me know and I'll do my best to make one available.


These PDF files may not be resold or redistributed. If you are interested in using copies of the individual maps for use in commercial projects, please contact me via my website.

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