4 Nov 2017

Save 1,053 Acres at Seven Battlefields

Save 1,053 Acres at Seven Battlefields

Last month, I told you about an incredible opportunity to save 1,053 acres of hallowed ground at seven battlefields. Altogether, this land which is in Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi, and Virginia is worth more than $4.1 million. Thanks to a spectacular set of matching funds, you and I can save it for $291,500 a $14-to-$1 match.

And we are off to a flying start!

Thanks to members like you, we’re nearly halfway towards our goal. We need your help to go the distance.

These seven battlefields at Brice’s Cross Roads, Cedar Creek, Champion Hill, Corinth, Monocacy, Prairie D’Ane, and Second Deep Bottom represent some of the key campaigns of the Civil War. From the 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign in Virginia, to the Corinth and Vicksburg campaigns in Mississippi, to the Red River Campaign in Arkansas, this land represents a significant cross-section of the major military movements of the war. More importantly, these are truly historic acres, the scenes of intense fighting where more than 32,000 Americans were killed, wounded or captured. Very rarely do you and I have an opportunity to save so much hallowed ground in one fell swoop. 

At the Trust, we have worked hard to ensure that our work matches the scope of America’s defining conflict and thanks to members like you we have been hugely successful, leaving a remarkable legacy for future generations of Americans. Our Seven Battlefields effort is part of that overall goal.

Help us preserve the memory of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who fought at these places by donating to Save Seven Battlefields.

American Battlefield Trust

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