16 Nov 2017

326 Acres at New Market Heights, North Anna, and Second Manassas

326 Acres at New Market Heights, North Anna, and Second Manassas

I am writing to you about an incredible opportunity to save 326 acres of hallowed ground in the Civil War’s most fought-over state, Virginia.

As of this writing, you and I have saved more than 24,000 acres of battlefield land in the Old Dominion. But when you think of just how much happened in Virginia the first major land battle of the war, the site of Robert E. Lee’s surrender, and more than 120 battles and skirmishes in between it’s easy to understand why we have done so much work there.

We are currently working to preserve land at three battlefields: Second Manassas, North Anna, and New Market Heights. At Second Manassas, we are adding 167 acres to the more than 200 acres we have already preserved there and preventing the construction of McMansions on a key piece of hallowed ground.

Farther south, we have the opportunity to save 126 acres at North Anna, including the site of the historic Fox House. This was a key battle during General Ulysses S. Grant’s Overland Campaign of 1864, and this piece of ground Robert E. Lee reportedly stopped for a glass of buttermilk before the battle began is considered the lynchpin of the Confederate line.

Last but by no means least we have the chance to save 33 acres of core battlefield at New Market Heights. Standing here on September 29, 1864, you would have seen United States Colored Troops 14 of whom received the Medal of Honor charging against Confederate earthworks in a successful assault.

All told, these 326 acres are valued at more than $5.6 million. But, thanks to an incredible $33.42-to-these $1 match, you and I can save these tangible pieces of American history for $167,900. Help us preserve these key chapters of the American story by saving the ground that saw so much valor and sacrifice during our nation’s defining conflict.


American Battlefield Trust

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