17 Oct 2017

We Need Your Help to Protect 145 Acres at Second Manassas and Kelly's Ford

We Need Your Help to Protect 145 Acres at Second Manassas and Kelly's Ford

In the sweltering heat of the afternoon on August 30, 1862, the men of the 5th New York listened to the sounds of fighting off to their right. For the last two days, Union and Confederate armies had been locked in a struggle along an unfinished railroad, just north of Manassas, Virginia. Now, the New Yorkers guarded the army’s flank while the rest of the Fifth Corps assaulted Stonewall Jackson’s men in the railroad cut. Just as the sound of firing died down, the Zouaves were stunned by the sudden appearance of Confederates under James Longstreet bursting out of the trees in front of them. Joined by their sister regiment, the 10th New York, the Federals made a valiant, but ultimately futile effort to fend off the Confederate attackers. The two regiments from the Empire State were no match for Longstreet’s force, which consisted of half the Army of Northern Virginia. Within just 10 minutes, the 5th New York lost 332 men out of roughly 525 engaged.

The Civil War Trust now has the opportunity to save two tracts at the Second Manassas battlefield associated with both the assault on the Unfinished Railroad and Longstreet’s attack that overran the New Yorkers. Both of these tracts are adjacent to National Park land and right near land previously preserved by the Civil War Trust. When combined with another opportunity at Kelly’s Ford (where members like you have already helped to preserve 1,234 acres), your donation will help us save a total of 145 acres of irreplaceable hallowed ground in Virginia.

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