23 Sep 2017

The Largest Cavalry Battle in the Western Hemisphere

The Largest Cavalry Battle in the Western Hemisphere

You can help instill a lifelong passion for history by bringing your son, granddaughter, nephew, neighbor or friend as we follow in the footsteps (and hoof-steps!) of Civil War soldiers next week. Join us in Virginia on Saturday, September 30 for a special “Cavalry Charge at Brandy Station!”

At Brandy Station, Union and Confederate troopers clashed in the largest cavalry battle in the history of the Western Hemisphere. For fourteen hours on June 9, 1863, the two sides charged and counter charged each other’s lines.

Some of the fiercest fighting occurred on and around Fleetwood Hill, which changed hands several times during the course of the battle. Among those who took part in the struggle were J.E.B. Stuart, Robert E. Lee’s dashing cavalry chieftain, and John Buford, who a month later would correctly recognize the value of the high ground just south of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and heroically buy time for Union infantry to claim it.

For the first time since the Battle of Brandy Station, we’ll stand just yards away as Union and Confederate cavalrymen pound up and down Fleetwood Hill, with flags waving and sabers slashing. Get up close with the horses as you maneuver in line of battle, learn to use your saber and find out how to respond to bugle calls. Some lucky kids will get to don the uniforms of their choice and experience the battlefield astride a horse!


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