13 Sep 2017

Live from Antietam

Live from Antietam

We are getting all geared up for the Battle of Antietam's 155th anniversary commemoration and hope you can join us, no matter where you may be! The Civil War Trust and the National Park Service will be on site and online to help you share in this meaningful event and in some of what we have done together.

On September 14 and 17, join us on our Facebook page where we will be live on Facebook at key Maryland Campaign and Antietam battlefield sites with special guests, artifacts from the battle, the best photographs and with special access to restricted sites. Our travels will take you to Monocacy, South Mountain, Harpers Ferry and Sharpsburg with park rangers and historians Tom Clemens, Carol Reardon, Dennis Frye, Tim Smith and National Civil War Museum leader Wayne Motts, who will have actual Antietam artifacts on the field that day! We’ll visit the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area at the Newcomer House and the National Museum of Civil War Medicine at the Pry House. Special surprises await viewers at several turns. And perhaps best of all, we’ll see some of the hallowed ground we have preserved together with Civil War Trust board member and Antietam aficionado Mary Abroe. We’ll share and hopefully even bump into other National Park Service events along the way.

From the West Woods to the Bloody Lane, from Burnside’s Bridge to the Cornfield, and from the Lost Order to battlefield preservation, we’ll cover as much as we can. Expect to learn things you didn’t know and visit places you haven't seen before, whether you are a novice or a full-on history nerd! Times and general subjects can be found on our website. Join us for Antietam Live!

Experience the Gettysburg Facebook Live events, again

You can still watch our Facebook Live events that we filmed during the 154th anniversary of Gettysburg. Watch 7-plus hours of live videos on our Facebook playlist some of the highlights include Seminary Ridge, Pickett's Charge, and Gettysburg Aftermath at the Rose Farm.

Antietam Animated Map

When you step onto this beautifully preserved battlefield, it’s hard to imagine the horrors that took place there. Now, you can see the entire engagement from start to finish. More than just a map, our Antietam animated map features documentary-like coverage with precise battle depictions and spectacular special effects.

Antietam Battle App

Onboard historian videos, audio accounts of soldiers from the battle, photos, orders of battle, chronologies, key facts, and more are just a click away. Download our GPS-enabled app as the perfect Civil War touring partner for your exploration of the Antietam battlefield either from the couch, or from the land itself.

Battle of Antietam: War Department

Hear our experts discuss and analyze the cause, course, and consequences of the Battle of Antietam. Featuring Park Ranger Keith Snyder as well as Civil War Trust Director of History and Education Garry Adelman, this episode covers the varying command styles displayed on the battlefield and answers the age-old question: Who won the battle?

Antietam Itinerary

We encourage you to visit Antietam and see the land that you’ve helped to save! We’ve put together a 3-day itinerary from Frederick, Md., to Harpers Ferry, W.Va. The entire tour covers events from John Brown’s Raid (1859), the Maryland Campaign (1862), the Confederates’ march on Washington (1864), and much more.


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