14 Sep 2017

Help Reach the Finish Line at Sackets Harbor!

Help Reach the Finish Line at Sackets Harbor!

Late on the night of May 27, 1813, a British task force under the command of Sir George Prevost, Canada’s consul general, began moving across Lake Ontario. Prevost – who was intent on retribution after the destruction of York, Canada, by American forces a month earlier – had received intelligence indicating that the U.S. naval base at Sackets Harbor was vulnerable. After a quick detour to block the arrival of American reinforcements, Prevost began landing his troops in the predawn hours of May 29.

The Americans at Sackets Harbor under the command of General Jacob Brown were ready for the British assault. Brown correctly surmised that if the British chose to attack, they would land their forces on Horse Island to the southwest of town. Unfortunately, the militiamen to whom Brown had assigned the role of defending the island were not up to the task, giving way before the British advance and retreating back across a small causeway linking Horse Island to the mainland. Prevost’s men followed the Americans across the causeway only to come under fire from more of Brown’s men. After driving the Americans back from the causeway, Prevost’s men advanced on the town of Sackets Harbor, only to come up against entrenched U.S. regulars who gamely put up a stiff resistance. Recognizing that victory has slipped from his grasp, Prevost ordered his men to fall back.

More than two hundred years later, you and I have a chance to achieve another victory. Earlier this year we successfully came together to save Horse Island. It was the first time the Civil War Trust, through our Campaign 1776 initiative, had ever preserved hallowed ground from the War of 1812. Now we have a chance to save a small but important property where some of the most dramatic events of the Battle of Sackets Harbor occurred: the causeway between Horse Island and the mainland. While we have already raised $6,485 with your help, we need another $3,550 to reach our goal of $10,035 and purchase this property.

Together, we can not only preserve an important piece of American history, we can better tell the story of some of America’s forgotten heroes.

We have nearly reached our goal at Sackets Harbor. Help save the Horse Island Causeway.


American Battlefield Trust

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