9 Sep 2017

Gettysburg & Brandy Station Generations Events, Antietam Facebook Live, Save More Battlefields

Gettysburg and Brandy Station Generations Events, Antietam Facebook Live, Save More Battlefields

Those of us who love (or obsess about!) American history share a valid concern will young people and future generations be taught about our past? Will they ever come to understand how this country was formed and learn about the men and women who made it possible?

At the Civil War Trust, we are doing our small part to address these concerns through our teacher programs, our educational videos, our Field Trip Fund and perhaps most of all our Generations program, a series of history events specifically designed to help adults share their passion for history with young people. We’ve walked Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg, charged the West Woods at Antietam, stood like “Stonewall” Jackson at Manassas, and lived like soldiers at Petersburg and battlefields beyond. We’ve done this together, sharing our own love of history with thousands of kids, grandkids, neighbors and friends.

Just last weekend, we “Marched in the Footsteps of Heroes” at Gettysburg. Despite some rain, 91 people came out as we donned coats and hats, marched like soldiers, and learned about Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee and Gettysburg “hero” John Burns. One attendee wrote me to say, “My grandson really enjoyed the day and is overwhelmed with the history of Gettysburg. You are doing a good thing… please continue.” And that’s enough for us! Reaching more young people is critical to all that we do together. After all will the youth of America support battlefield preservation if they know nothing of the conflicts fought on those battlefields?

You are already making a difference by simply receiving these emails. Check out our videos and articles on our website. If you are able, come on out to one of our Generations events, the next of which will be on September 30, where you can experience a Cavalry Charge at Brandy Station in Culpeper County, Virginia! The kids can learn to use a saber and even sit atop a trooper’s horse on the site of the nation’s largest cavalry battle, fought on June 9, 1863 opening the Gettysburg Campaign. For those of you farther away, we will try to bring the event to you live on our Facebook page. And we are looking at other ways to hold digital events that can accommodate people from anywhere.

10 Facts About Brandy Station

Did you know that many of the Confederate troopers rode bareback during the Battle of Brandy Station? Brush up on your knowledge of the battle in advance of our Generations event, with these 10 key facts.

Antietam Facebook Live

Wet’ll be holding a series of Facebook Live events on September 14th & the 17th at key Maryland Campaign and Antietam battlefield sites with special guests, artifacts from the battle, photographs, and access to restricted sites. All you need to do is visit our Facebook page to watch.

Antietam In4

In 1862, the rolling farm fields outside of Sharpsburg, Maryland, became a scene of unrivaled carnage, and American history was altered forever. In this In4, Garry Adelman discusses the bloodiest single day in American history.


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