11 Sep 2017

Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine

Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine

On this day 240 years ago, Washington's men went toe-to-toe with the powerful British Army in one of the longest and largest battles of the Revolution: a sprawling, 11-hour slug-fest along Brandywine Creek.

As dawn broke on the morning of September 11, 1777, fog clung along the banks of the creek near Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Gen. George Washington posted his nearly 14,000-man Continental Army among several small hills overlooking the creek. His goal was to prevent the 15,000-strong British forces from occupying the young nation’s capital at Philadelphia.

Washington, thinking that his position was impenetrable, failed to cover all of the potential crossing points across Brandywine Creek. A massive British flanking column caught the unaware Continentals on the right flank. Washington and his battle-worn army soon faced ferocious attacks on their front and flank. The Americans stood up bravely to the British, stunning British Generals Howe and Cornwallis with their tenacity.

Though the Continentals were ultimately defeated, the fierce and determined performance of Washington's men ultimately convinced the French to support the nascent nation in its war for independence. Today, we remember the troops and the bravery and resilience they displayed.

Although most of the present-day battlefield is threatened by development from the Philadelphia

suburban area, it is our charge to protect what is left. This Friday, we will be holding a special ceremony announcing battlefield preservation efforts at these hallowed acres that tell the story of our country.

Please join us alongside U.S. Representatives Patrick Meehan and Ryan Costello, Chester County, Brandywine Battlefield Park Associates, the Brandywine Battlefield Task Force and Natural Lands:

Friday, September 15, 2017, 11:00 a.m.
Dilworth Farm, Brandywine Battlefield
1370 Birmingham Road, West Chester, PA
Please send RSVPs and questions to rsvp@civilwar.org.

If you can’t make it to Pennsylvania for the event, catch the Facebook Live video coverage starting at 11:45 a.m. on the Civil War Trust’s Facebook page.

The Battle of Brandywine In4

Learn about the battle of Brandywine in less than 4 minutes! Author and Revolutionary War expert Thomas McGuire helps you experience one of the largest battles of the American Revolution and the resilience of Washington’s army.

Brandywine Battle Map

Although Washington’s army lost, the men managed to hold together, rally, and regroup. Examine our detailed map of the 11 hours of fighting that took place 240 years ago at Brandywine. Follow the movements of both American and British forces at one of the largest battles in the Revolution.

Marquis de Lafayette

The Battle of Brandywine was Marquis de Lafayette’s first military engagement. He suffered a wound in one of his legs early in the battle but managed to calmly lead a Patriot retreat. Because of his composure and courage, Washington commended him for “bravery and military ardour” and recommended him to Congress for the command of a division.

Join us at Brandywine Battlefield

Mark your calendars for September 15 to attend a special ceremony celebrating the recent preservation successes at the Brandywine Battlefield. Refreshments will be available throughout the event.


American Battlefield Trust

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