27 Sep 2017

$20 Sends a Student on a Field Trip

$20 Sends a Student on a Field Trip

I have the perfect job. I’m obsessed with American history and not only get to work full time in the field, but everything I do everything we do together goes toward something more meaningful the preservation of hallowed ground.

The land we save together is not just for us, however, it’s for future generations to learn from, use, and cherish. To become an informed citizen, it is essential to visit the places where American history happened. In running our little education department, this is something I make sure to keep in mind.

This is precisely why we created our Field Trip Fund, which sends kids on field trips to battlefields and historic sites. While our animated maps, virtual tours, traveling trunks, short videos, and classroom curricula are key pieces of the educational puzzle, there is nothing better than the real thing sneakers on battlefields; kids experiencing their history firsthand. And we have and can make this happen very efficiently; just $20 will cover the cost of sending one student to a battlefield or a historic site.

This fund has helped send more than 14,000 students and chaperones in 19 states to the outdoor classrooms that tell the story of our great country. Students receive firsthand tours from guides and get the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of their ancestors.

Today, we are asking you to help us give students the educational experience they need and deserve. As this project has grown in popularity, we are finding it harder to meet demand. We are currently rejecting more than 60% of the field trip applications we receive due to lack of funds.

I appreciate any help you can offer. Please support the Field Trip Fund today to give students across America the opportunity to visit our battlefields.


American Battlefield Trust

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