9 Aug 2017

Jackson is with you

Jackson is with you

On a hot afternoon 155 years ago today, an outnumbered Union force under the command of Nathaniel P. Banks a former politician turned general launched a two-pronged assault against General “Stonewall” Jackson’s veteran soldiers. Wading through fields of corn and wheat, the Yankees endured volley after volley of Confederate fire. Yet, despite suffering heavy losses, the boys in blue kept coming, surging over and momentarily breaking the Confederate line. As the battle hung in the balance, Jackson raced forward. Looking to inspire his wavering men, the Virginian seized a battle flag and waved it above his head. Attempting to draw his sword, he discovered that it had rusted into its scabbard from lack of use. Unperturbed, Jackson raised his blade, scabbard and all, shouting, “Jackson is with you!”

The gallant performance produced the desired effect. Jackson’s men rallied, buying time for General A.P. Hill to launch a powerful counterattack that set the Union troops on their heels. The defeat of Banks gave Lee’s army the opportunity to initiate a new strategic offensive, resulting in Confederate victories at Second Manassas and Chantilly and paving the way for the invasion of Maryland.

Thanks to your heroic support, we have saved 498 acres of hallowed ground at Cedar Mountain, including the spot where “Stonewall” Jackson dramatically turned the tide of the battle. Future generations will be able to learn about the battle that set in motion events that altered the course of history. Working with our partners at the Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield, the Trust has continued the task of restoring and interpreting this site. We recently installed fence railing, restored the famous Crittenden gate, set up a new interpretative trail, and put in place a series of metal silhouettes that allow visitors to reimagine the thrilling and terrible events of 155 years ago.

Explore our website to learn more about the Battle of Cedar Mountain and our efforts to restore the Cedar Mountain battlefield.

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