23 Aug 2017

Aotrs Shipyards Aug 2017 Release: Unimog

Aotrs Shipyards is a webstore on Shapeways.com, a 3D print house which had production and shipping facilities located in the USA and the Netherlands.

This month, because of the release of my starship rules, Accelerate and Attack, we are digging into the backlog and coming out with the Unimog, at 144th.

This one was designed by UshCha (of Manoeuvre Group) as his first foray into 3D printing design.




Photo in WSF.

My photos are now being hosted on SmugMug (still on the free trial, but they seem to work thus far, and suitable options are limited - a free site risked this all happening again and I was even already paying Photobucket...!), so hopefully we will not have a repeat of Photobucket anytime soon. (My previous photos - which of course I cannot edit here - stop working in December, unless Photobucket goes under before then.)

Next month's release will likely be the Marder 1A3; with AccAtt out of the way (and the final push took longer than I'd like!), I now need to start getting ready for the next convention in October, so it'll be touch and go whether I get to any new vehicles for moderns before then - and as to what beyond, I don't know yet.

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

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