24 Aug 2017

30th Milestones: Visit the Land We've Saved

30th Milestones: Visit the Land We've Saved

As a supporter of battlefield preservation, you understand that preserving land can be uniquely gratifying. While there are countless organizations that support our history, very few achieve lasting, permanent results.

By saving battlefields, you have helped to create outdoor classrooms physical places where people can visit, walk in the footsteps of soldiers, and understand the story of what transpired on those acres. Each parcel of land brings a unique history lesson, in the Western and Eastern Theaters, and in both Northern and Southern states. While your involvement will serve as a remarkable gift to future generations, I hope you can appreciate them in your lifetime as well, by visiting the battlefields you have helped to protect.

With more than 46,000 acres saved, there’s much to see. We’ve put together an itinerary of some of the sites that our supporters have helped to protect. This three-day visit includes well-known and more obscure battlefields ranging from 1861’s Ball’s Bluff, to the Battle of the Wilderness in 1864. We outline sights to see and what we think you should do at every stop.

Since the Civil War ranged far and wide, most of the battlefields that our members have saved cannot be included on one, short itinerary. Over the years, we have shot video at numerous, other battlefields so that folks could “visit” these target properties from home. In honor of our 30th anniversary, we put together a short reel of this footage. You can watch it here.

Thank you for your continued fight to preserve our history. You are taking part in something that is truly remarkable.


American Battlefield Trust

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