23 Jun 2017

Sign a Petition to Support a Congressional Gold Medal for Ed Bearss!

Sign a Petition to Support a Congressional Gold Medal for Ed Bearss!

This month marks the 94th birthday of our dear friend, Ed Bearss. I think you will agree with me that few Americans have done more to keep our nation’s history alive than Ed. He has been lavishly praised as a living legend, a national treasure, and America’s storyteller. Considering Ed’s work with the National Park Service, his countless tours of American battlefields and historic sites, and his invaluable leadership in support of historic preservation, who could argue otherwise?

I am writing today to ask again for your support for a special birthday present for Ed: the Congressional Gold Medal. It is one of the highest honors Congress can bestow on an American citizen. In 2017, Congress reintroduced this legislation and is once again attempting to present the award to Ed. In previous Congresses, more than 110 members of the House agreed to co-sponsor this bill a testament to Bearss’ national recognition and impact. Because the legislation did not pass before the end of 2016, we need your help to make sure Ed gets this honor in the 115th Congress.

You can help make this legislation a reality by signing a petition in support of a Congressional Gold Medal for Ed. Even if you have signed this petition previously, it is important to once again make your voice heard to your member of Congress. I can think of few better ways to celebrate Ed’s birthday and to honor the historian, preservationist and veteran who has taught us to cherish our unique American heritage.


American Battlefield Trust

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