21 Jun 2017

Save Oak Ridge at Gettysburg

Save Oak Ridge at Gettysburg

Over the years, you and I have done some tremendous work to preserve hallowed ground at America’s most famous battlefield, Gettysburg. In a number of key transactions we have reclaimed significant portions at the first day's battlefield of the Civil War's bloodiest battle. In 2011, we helped save the ground over which General Henry Heth’s Confederates made their initial assault against the Union Army’s Iron Brigade. Just last year, we protected 35 crucial acres associated with the fighting on Barlow’s Knoll. And, of course, we have preserved and restored the site of Lee’s Headquarters on Seminary Ridge, itself the site of heavy action on July 1, 1863.

Now, you and I have the opportunity to save yet another piece of the First Day’s battlefield, a two-acre parcel on Oak Ridge that saw intense combat on the afternoon of July 1.

On Oak Ridge, men from Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania let loose deadly fire into the faces of Colonel Alfred Iverson’s North Carolinians. The Yankees waited until the Rebels were within 50 yards before unleashing a furious volley at close range. “Unable to advance, unwilling to retreat,” the survivors of Iverson’s brigade hugged the ground for safety, waiting for a renewed Confederate assault to sweep the Federals from Oak Ridge.

With your help, we can save this important piece of the Gettysburg battlefield. We are not only adding to the more than 1,000 acres we have already saved at Gettysburg; we are preserving the memory of the brave Americans who fought here and ensuring that future generations will know their story.


American Battlefield Trust

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