12 Jun 2017

Civil War Generations: Defend Library Hill

I am excited to invite you to our Civil War Trust Generations Event: Defend Library Hill! It is taking place at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall Carnegie, PA on Saturday, June 24 from 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. I hope you can join us.

If you have never attended a Generations event before, you’re in for an amazing experience. These events connect younger and older generations by exploring our country’s history, helping youngsters learn and truly understand essential aspects of the American experience. You can bring your son, daughter, niece, neighbor, or friend and help instill a lifelong passion for learning. This event is free to all who bring someone from another generation and you must register online to reserve your spot. Some lucky kids will even get to don the uniforms of their choice!

Now, you may be wondering why we are holding a Generation's event just outside of Pittsburgh. As you well know, the Civil War touched thousands of places and impacted countless lives across the United States, and the Pittsburgh-area is no different.

Pittsburgh was home to the Allegheny Arsenal and Fort Pitt Foundry, both of which supplied the Federal cause with cannon and munitions. The Allegheny Arsenal was the site of the worst civilian disaster of the Civil War, when, the arsenal laboratory exploded on September 17, 1862. Old Western Penitentiary housed some of the prisoners from John Hunt Morgan’s raid. In the postwar years, veterans gathered at Grand Army of the Republic Posts (G.A.R.) were scattered across the Pittsburgh area. Our Generation's event will be held at one of these old G.A.R. posts The Captain Thomas Espy Post, at the Carnegie Library and Music Hall, Carnegie, PA.

Come out and “enlist” in the army. Learn how to march like a Civil War soldier. Visit the doctor and, as always, our Cadet Conference format employs hands-on activities and stresses teamwork, leadership, ethics and responsibility lessons as the history of the American Civil War comes to life.

Come share your passion for history at this special event, sponsored by the Civil War Trust and the Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall. The event is free but space is limited, so please register today.


American Battlefield Trust

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