28 Jun 2017

Aotrs Shipyards Jun 2017 Release: T-80BV

Aotrs Shipyards is a web store on Shapeways.com, a 3D print house which had production and shipping facilities located in the USA and the Netherlands.

Little late because of the holidays, but here is this month's Shipyards release - the T-80BV in 144th! Just one model again this month - I've not started to catch up on things after all those commissions (I've still got a small one to go, in fact!)




Photo of Replicator 2 prototype. As often is the case with the ERA versions, it's not the best print, I'm afraid! However, I am planning to put an order in in the next few weeks to Shapeways (partly to test their new HP plastic material as part of the closed beta), so I will get one of these done in WSF and that material - photos will follow!

For July's release (which may be more towards the back end of the month again), I am nominally planning to have a break from Russian tanks for a bit and do something different. I am half-planning either the M114 or the Marder 1 (possibly the latter because it might be theoretically simple). We shall see how I get on, though - I need to do a few bits of starships, and I REALLY would like to get my starship rules out for Other Partizan in August, so that might take some time as well.

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

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