20 May 2017

Reign of Anger, May 2017 Release from Aotrs Shipyards

Aotrs Shipyards is a webstore on Shapeways.com, a 3D print house which had production and shipping facilities located in the USA and the Netherlands.

This month, just in time for their debut tomorrow at Partian, we have the Reign of Anger Fire Support Vehicle and Sentry Drones for the titular Aotrs ground army (in 144th).

Reign of Anger Fire Support Vehicle

Reign of Anger Fire Support Vehicle


The Reign of Anger is a refit of the old Rain of Fury fire support vehicle. The hull remains the same, but improved sensors have been added, as well as small shield generators. The biggest difference is that the Reign of Anger no longer carries a MRLS system (which has been outdated by the introduction of the Horde Semi-guided warhead munition). Instead it carries two sizable Warhead Launchers. They have the same capacity as the Foul Wing Fighters but divided into two launchers on independent loads, rather than the four launchers attached to a large bay. This means the Reign of Anger can only load one type of warhead at once in each launcher (and typically the same in both). Despite this drawback, they are surprisingly effective. Most foes underestimate the Reign of Anger, believing (not unjustifiably) that it is the older Rain of Fury. This can come as something of a shock when it fires out warheads.

The Reign of Anger is even capable of heavy demolitions; they can manage to take a pair of Shatterer Heavy Anti-Starship munitions. The Shatterers are capable of blasting the heaviest planetary defences apart. In at least one recorded occasion, they have seen combat against starships! Elven forces attacked the Caradat Moon Base. With few available fighters and only a Subterfuge Scout Ship to fend them off, the commander created an unorthodox strategy. The base put up a token resistance before appearing to be disabled. Under cover of the engagement, the commander deployed a pair of Reign of Angers from a shipment that was due to go out in the transports. In the low gravity, they had to be tied down, and were not able to move. Fortunately, the Aotrs practise of making sure all vehicles are self-sealing enabled them to function. The Elven cruiser ignored them, and they were able to fire a spread of Shatterers from relativistically point-blank range as it moved over the horizon (a few scant miles away) to fire at the base. Because of the range and the cruiser flying in to a stop, they were able to use purely visual targeting to pinpoint the optimum targeting spots on the cruiser. As there no was sensor lock and no significant power source to detect (since the Reign of Angers were otherwise powered down, aside from just enough juice to power the actual firing system) there was no warning for the cruiser. As it lowered its shields to start teleporting marines down, the Reign of Angers fired. The warheads crippled the cruiser, and it retreated. Amazingly, the Reign of Angers both survived, and their crew and commander were decorated by the Lichemaster for heroism under fire above and beyond the call of duty.

Sentry Drones

Sentry Drones


Sentry Drones are aerial recon drones, developed shortly after the Hunter Drones. They can be mag-clamped to almost any vehicle. They are equipped with a variety of stealth devices to lower its signature (though to keep the costs low, none of these are especially powerful). They have no weapons, but serve as less expensive and faster recon and target designation than Hunter Drones. They do not have shields and are considered completely disposable. They generally fly over the battlefield, spotting targets. While sensor array is primarily directed downwards, they have the appropriate targeting sensors and software, which combined with the battle management system, allows them to link in to other vehicles, and provide the targeting locks for missiles for indirect fire.

Reign of Anger and Sentry Drones

Sentry Drones are frequently attached to Reign of Anger detachments, as they are the ideal size for a pair to be mag-clamped to the missile launcher.

The photos (for a rare treat) are of the painted WSF models!

Still got a lot going on, but we may well be back to starships for next month (at least one is in the backlog); the Wodef Enclave fleet is one step close to release, and Accelerate & Attack creeps ever closer to the nebulous release! (I would dearly like to get it out for Other Partizan in August, but we'll see.)

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

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