19 May 2017

Generations Event in Pittsburgh, Memorial Day, Lee's HQ Open Houses, Staff Rides In4

Generations Event in Pittsburgh, Memorial Day, Lee's HQ Open Houses, Staff Rides In4

As Robert E. Lee’s Confederate army swept through central Pennsylvania in 1863, a wave of patriotism mixed with fear spread over the Keystone State. Many Pennsylvanians old and young alike rallied to the colors and joined the army to help protect their homes from the invading Rebel horde.

Now you and your loved ones can help us recreate that thrilling period in our nation’s history by joining us at our next Civil War Trust Generations event. Join us at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on June 24 as we enlist new recruits, teach them how to be soldiers, and ultimately defend Library Hill.

As with all of our Generation's events, we ask that you bring one person from another generation a child, grandchild, niece, or nephew to help share your love of history with the next generation of Americans.

Registration is free but space is limited, so register now to claim your spot.

Update on Lee’s Headquarters and Open House Dates

Thanks to your help and support we completed our restoration of the Widow Thompson House site of Robert E. Lee’s Headquarters at Gettysburg last year. We are now pleased to announce the house will be open several dates this year. Watch this video to learn more about the completion of the restoration process and see when you can enter Lee’s Headquarters at Gettysburg.

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Staff Rides in4

For more than a century, soldiers have used the battlefields of previous conflicts as outdoor classrooms, learning the lessons of history and applying them to today’s military. These military field trips are commonly known as staff rides. In our newest Civil War in4 video, Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide Doug Douds talks about the advent of staff rides and the lessons our modern military personnel learn by walking the battlefields of the past.

Memorial Day Activities

After the Civil War, men and women across the United States set aside one day each spring to commemorate the sacrifices of those who died to bring the nation back together. That holiday, now known as Memorial Day, has been a popular tradition ever since. Learn how you can honor the Civil War generation on this Memorial Day, May 29, 2017, by attending these historic sites.


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