1 May 2017

1-160 X20 Skeleton In Coffin by Panzer VS Tanks

1/160 Scale, twenty Skeletons in coffins, "Bone Bunch" for a Halloween Party or Archaeological Prospection Diorama.

Twenty different poses, ten of them are sleeping comfortably but the another ten are waking up.

Including four unoccupied coffins. White Strong Flexible material is available (but not tested), but I recommend to print them in Frosted Ultra Detail to get the best detail on ribs and skulls. I don't offer it in Transparent Detail cause viewing the automated print check, probably they can't be printed in this material, but Frosted Ultra Detail is enough translucent to add a ghostly look to the skeletons.

Each coffin is 10.6 mm - 0.418 inches tall. Model unpainted.

1-160 X20 Skeleton In Coffin

1-160 X20 Skeleton In Coffin picture 1

1-160 X20 Skeleton In Coffin picture 2

Shapeways, Panzer VS Tanks

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