1 May 2017

1-150 US Navy Dungaree Set 1 by Panzer VS Tanks

Set of 30 high detailed 1/150 Scale Multipose Figures of US Navy Sailors in Fatigue Dress for XX Century Service Ships.

This set depicts 30 different figures in various poses, from static dull drill poses to working or seated ones.

Sailors in this set wear fatigue uniforms, with Dungaree (blue jeans type) trousers, Chambray shirts (this set with long sleeves only), and Dixie Cup sailor hat.

Only Frosted Ultra Detail material available. I didn't added sprues (I don't know where to place them without risk of breaking the figure when will be removed!).

Figures 12 mm. when stand up.

1-150 US Navy Dungaree Set 1

1-150 US Navy Dungaree Set 1

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