1 May 2017

1-144 Roman Testudo by Panzer VS Tanks

High Detailed 1/144 Scale Roman Legion Testudo (Turtle) Infantry Formation.

Half a "Centuria" was about 40 men. During a siege assault, they could achieve this type of formation to cover from any kind of missile thrown out from the defensors, just like if they form an armored assault personnel vehicle.

In the model, these 40 Shields were mounted on a frame and only have the legs that could be seen around the formation. Then the model is hollowed and relatively cheap by removing the parts, section of bodies and men that can't be seeing.

Spears or swords (don't included) may be inserted in spaces between the shields to improve the final look of the set.

Figures would be about 12 mm. - 0.49 inches tall when stand up.

1-144 Roman Testudo

1-144 Roman Testudo picture 1

1-144 Roman Testudo picture 2

Shapeways, Panzer VS Tanks

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